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School Safety Information

Walking & Traffic Safety

Let's Keep Our Kids Safe!

Crossing guards are on duty before and after school at the following crosswalks:

  • the southeast corner of Riverside and Turner
  • in front of GYS on Turner, just north of the bike racks

Please help your child understand the importance of using these crosswalks, and not crossing where it is not safe to do so. If your child is crossing the street before or after the crossing guards are on duty, please remind them to look both ways to make sure it is safe to do so.


Drop Off / Pick Up Reminders

For everyone's safety, please remember to observe traffic laws when dropping off or picking up your student, including observing the speed limit and not making illegal U-turns in front of the school. 

If you pick your student up in the neighborhood across from the school, please be respectful of the homeowners and their properties. Do not block driveways when waiting to pick your student up. Remind your student to stay out of yards and not leave trash behind. Please be aware that homeowners have the right to contact OPD if you or your student is violating their property rights.